About the Law Offices of Pat Cresta-Savage

concordThe Law Offices of Attorney Patricia (Pat) Cresta-Savage offers clients the advantage of an experienced attorney with more than fifteen (15) years of advisory and courtroom experience providing independent legal representation in civil actions and criminal defense. She is a licensed member of the bar and can represent clients in several different courts (click here for a complete list of courts). The focus of Pat’s practice is on Criminal Defense and Civil Actions.

In CRIMINAL DEFENSE, she has effectively represented those charged in MARYLAND and the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA with many different types and degrees of crimes, including but not limited to serious offenses such as: felony murder, assault with intent to kill, armed robbery, carjacking, distribution of controlled substances, felon in possession of firearms, embezzlement as well as lesser criminal charges of all kinds.

In CIVIL CASES, she has handled business disputes, employee-employer disputes, severance and termination agreements, civil rights violations, employment discrimination, contract law, small business law, among other types of cases.

Recently, she has also represented a number of individuals in Maryland whose cases involve the ex post facto retroactive application of registration requirements by the State of Maryland in sex offender cases.

Pat has two primary offices in Bowie, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Pat’s Bowie office serves clients from Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, Kent, Caroline and Queen Anne Counties, parts of the Maryland Eastern Shore and some counties in Southern Maryland.

The DC Office primarily serves clients from the District of Columbia and Montgomery County.

A seasoned civil and criminal attorney, Pat is committed to zealously representing her clients to seek a satisfactory outcome in each case. No attorney, including Pat, can guarantee any particular result in a particular case, but if Pat is retained by you, she will be on your side the entire time, and work hard to defend or prosecute your case.

If you would prefer to try to avoid going to court altogether, she can provide you with effective legal representation in seeking to negotiate a settlement on your behalf any type of any criminal or civil legal dispute. Settlements may occur in such cases as civil rights violations; employment discrimination or harassment actions; severance or termination agreements; plea agreements in criminal charges; and small business employment and contract disputes.

To schedule a consultation, either in Washington, DC or in Annapolis, Maryland, please call 240-260-4100 or 202-393-1666 today or visit our “Request a Consultation” page. Pat will endeavor to return your call or respond to your request within one business day.